Philippine Stock Report #10: Concrete Aggregates Corporation (CA)

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Today, we'll be focusing on another company which has been in the industry of Construction, Infrastructure & Allied Services since 1959 which is the Concrete Aggregates Corporation (CA)

CA's parent company is Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership, and its ultimate parent company is OCLP Holdings Incorporated, which are both domiciled in the Philippines.

The Company supplies the construction industry with processed aggregates, ready mix conccrete. bituminous concrete mix, and pre-stressed/pre-cast concrete.



1. Basic Information:

Concrete Aggregates Corporation (CA)

Sector: Construction, Infrastructure & Allied Services


2. The Company's History:

January 16, 1959:  Concrete Aggregates Corporation was originally incorporated as Concrete Aggregates, Inc.

1973: Concrete Aggregates Inc. merged with Build-On Aggregates Corporation (BAC) and the resulting entity was named Concrete Aggregates Corporation.

1978: Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership (OCLP) purchased a controlling interest in CA and took over the management of the company.

1998: Concrete Aggregates Corporation was hit by the economic crisis.

September 14, 1999:  The Board of CA approved the total and complete closure of the Engineering and Construction Division of the Company, which were comprised of the RMC, BCM, concrete products and construction groups.

2000:  The business development for the next several years devolved and focused on the proper maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of the copany's four (4) crushing plants.

2007: The Board of Directors of the company authorized the conduct of a bidding to select an operator of its Angono quarry for a period of fifteen (15) years.

November 29,2007:  The Company's Board of Directors declared that the consortium of Republic Cement Corporation and Lafarge Holdings (Philippines), Inc. (the "Consortium") won the bid for the right to operate the company's Angono quarry.

June 2, 2008: The Company entered into an Operating Agreement with BatongAgono Aggregates Corporation (BAAC) whereby BAAC was granted the right to operate the CA's quarry in Angono, Rizal for fifteen (15) years subject to conditiones indicated in the Operating Agreement as well as the CA's Mineral Production Sharing Agreements (MPSAs) and Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC)

2013: BAAC changed its name to Lafarge Republic Aggregates, Inc (LRAI)

2015: LRAI once again changed its name to Lafarge Holcim Aggregates, Inc.


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<The Company's Stock Data since 2009 to 2018>


3. Present Stock (2018/10/08)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Chairman of the Board

Chairman:  Jaime E. Ysmael

Age: 58

Nationality: Filipino


 - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of the East

 - Master of Business Administration from University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

 - Master of Arts from University of Pennsylvania - School of Arts and Sciences


 - Chairman & President of Concrete Aggregate Corporation

 - Senior Vice President of Ayala Land, Inc.

 - Director & Treasurer of Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation

 - Director of Aurora Properties Inc., First Communities Realty Inc., Alabang Commercial Corp., Ceci Realty Inc., Laguna Phenix Structures Corp., Makati Theatres Inc., North Triangle Depot Commercial Corp., Station Square East Commercial Corp., Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, Inc., Vesta Properties Holdings Inc., Alinet.com, Cebu Insular Hotel Co., Inc., Community Innovations Inc., Enjay Hotels Inc., Laguna Technopark Inc. and Makati Property Ventures Inc.


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5. News

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