Philippine Stock Report #14: Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc. (ORE)

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Today, we'll be paying attention to a particular company which has been in the Industry of Mining and Oil for the past 10 years as a holding company intended primarily to consolidate and operate companies that own nickel mining Tenements in the Philippines. This company is quite new in the Industry compared to other companies. 

Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc. (ORE) is focused on the mining operations of its sole subsidiary, Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation (CMDC), which is primarily engaged to prospects, explore, locate, acquire, hold, work, develop, lease, operate and exploit mineral lands for chromite, copper, manganese, magnesite, silver, gold and other mineral products.

ORE has a 99% equity interest in CMDC, which is the sole claim owner of the Pulot Mine and the Toronto Mine located in the province of Palawan, namely in the municipalities of Sofronio Espanola and Narra.



1. Basic Information:

Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc. (ORE)

Sector: Mining and Oil


2. The Company's History:

April 16, 2007:  Oriental Peninsula Resources, Inc. (ORE) was incorporated as a holding company intended primarily to consolidate and operate companies that own mining tenements located within the Philippines

August 22, 2007:  The Company filed a Registration Statement with the SEC for the registration of the Offer Shares and the issued and outstanding shares of the Company not coevered by the Offer in accordance with the provisions of the Securities Regulation Code.

August 23, 2007:  The Company filed its application for the listing and trading of all of the Company's issued and outstanding sgares, inclusive of the Offer Shares, in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

November 28, 2007:  The Board of Directors of the PSE approved the listing of the Common Shares

December 19, 2007:  The Company's listing date


<Here's the Company's Stock Data for the past year 2017-2018>



<The Company's Stock Data for the past ten years 2008-2018>



3. Present Stock (2018/10/18)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Chairman of the Board

Chairman: Caroline L. Tanchay

Age:  45

Nationality:  Filipino

Education: Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management from De La Salle University


 - Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Office of Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc.

 - President of Citimax Group, Inc., Rockworks Resources Corp., Rockworks, Inc., Citinicckel Mines and Development Corp., and Maxwell Heavy Equipment Corp.

 - Director in Moreland Realty Corp.


5. News

August 26, 2018

Philippine Stock Exchange prevents ORE from listing private-placement shares



June 27, 2018

Oriental Peninsula ventures into power