Philippine Stock Report #15: AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI)

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For the past few blogs, we've been discussing about companies from Mining and Oil Industry so for this blog we'll discuss about a company from Food, Beverage & Tobacco Industry, AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI) or formerly known as Mabuhay 2000 Enterprises, Inc. 

ANI eventually diversified into various agro-commercial businesses and has become one of the country's top fresh mango exporters to the world markets.

At present, ANI also supplies other home-grown vegetables and fruits such as banana and pineapple to customers in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, North America, Australia and to the different European regions.

ANI currently has satellite offices in Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. 

The top dollar earner of ANI is by exporting all kinds of fruits, vegetables and other agro products with fresh banana, fresh mango and coconut water as its main export products.

The Company is also the first agricultural company to be listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange (PSE)



1. Basic Information:

 AgriNurture, Inc.

Sector: Food, Beverage & Tobacco


2. Company's History:

February 4, 1997:  AgriNurture, Inc. (ANI) was incorporated and started its business operations in the same year as an importer, trade and fabricator of post-harvest agricultural machineries intended to improve the productivity as wellas increase the income of Filipino farmers.

May 25, 2009:  Listing date of AgriNurture, Inc. to PSE

August 2011:  ANI established its Retail & Franchising Group. The direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Company under the Retail Group are The Big Chill Inc., Heppy Corp., Goods and Nutrition for All (GANA). 

August 8, 2011:  the SEC approved the amendment of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company to, among others, including the business of retail in the primary purposes. 

1st quarter of 2015:  ANI ventured into the importation and trading of rice.


<Here's the Company's Stock Data for the past year 2017-2018>



<The Company's Stock Data for the past nine years 2009-2018>



3. Present Stock (2018/11/20)




4. Chairman of the Board

Chairman: Antonio L. Tiu

Age: 42

Natioality: Chinese-Filipino


 - BS Commerce major in Management from De La Salle University, Manila

 - Masters degree in Commerce specializing in International Finance from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

 - Doctorate degree in Public Administration from University of the Philippines


 - Chairman, CEO and President of AgriNurture, Inc since June 1, 2015

 - CEO and President of Greenergy Holdings Incorporated 

 - Chairman and President of First Class Agriculture Corporation

 - Chairman and President of Earthright Holdings Inc.

 - President and CEO of Sunchamp Real Estate Development Co.


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5. News

August 17, 2018

AgriNurture Inc. gains competitive edge in rice supply bid



June 15, 2018

AgriNurture investing P100-million in bank unit