Philippine Stock Report #6: Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC)

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Today, we'll be focusing on Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC)  from Transporation Services sector.

Whollly-owns subsidiaries of Udenna Corporation, PNX-Chelsea Shipping Corp., Fortis Tugs Corporation, Michael Inc. (MI), Bunkers Manila, Inc, (BMI), Chelsea Ship Management and Marine Services Corp., Chelsea Marine Manpower Resources, Inc., Chelsea Dockyard Corp.

Owns Phoenix Petroleum Philippies, Inc. 

Major clients include Cebu Pacific Air, Marine Fuels Philippines Inc., Petron Corporation, Seaoil Phils., Inc., Batangas Bay Carriers Inc., Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc., Subic Petroleum Trading and Transport Corp., and Islas Tankers and Seatransport Corp.




1. Basic Information:

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC)

Sector: Transporation Services


2. The Company's History:

July 17, 2006: Chelsea Shipping Corp. (CSC) was incorporated.

January 1, 2007: The Company commenced its commercial operations. CSC was initially established to serve the requirements of its sister company, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines.

August 26, 2016: Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp. (CLC) was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Chelsea Shipping Group Corp. primarily to act as a holding company.

March 27, 2017: CLC acquired all of Udenna Investments B.V.'s (UIBV) outstanding capital stock through a share swap agreement with Udenna Corporation. UIBV owns 80% economic interest and 39.97% of the voting rights in KGLI-NM Holdings, Inc., which holds 39.85% economic interest in and owns 60% of the voting stock in Negros Navigration Co., Inc. (Nenaco). Nenaco, in turn, owns 88.31% of 2GO Group, Inc. (2GO). Hence, CLC has a 28.15% indirect economic interest in 2GO.

March 31, 2017: CLC has 11 tankers, 8 tugboats, 7 RoPax (roll-on, roll-off with passengers and cargo), 4 barges, 3 cargo vessels. 2GO has a seperate fleet of 16 RoPax and 8 cargo vessels.


<Here's the Company's Stock Data for the past year 2017-2018>



<Stock Data of the Company for the past 10 years 2008-2018>



3. Present stock (2018/9/26)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)


4. Chairman of the Board

Chairman: Dennis A. Uy

Nationality: Filipino

Age: 43 

Education:  Business Management at De La Salle University


 - Founder and Chairman of Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp.

 - Chairman and President of Udenna Corporation

 - Chairman of Phoenix Philippines Foundation and Udenna Foundation

 - Independent Director of Apex Mining Corp.

 - Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan of the Philippines

 - Currently developing a Casino and Resort in Cebu

Net worth: PHP 430 Million




5. News

May 10, 2018

Chelsea Logistics profit surges in 1st Quarter of 2018



May 9, 2018

PCC approves megere of Dennis Uy's Udenna with 2GO Shareholder


Philippine Stock Report #5: LBC Express Holdings, Inc. (LBC)

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Today, we focus on "LBC Express Holdings, Inc."

LBC is the Philippines' market leader in payments & remittance, documents & mail, parcels & boxes, and cargo & logistics. 

6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over 30 countries. 



1. Basic Information

LBC Express Holdings, Inc.

Industry: Transportation Services


2. History of the Company

1950s:  LBC Express was initially founded as "Luzon Brokerage Corporation". LBC Air Cargo ("LBC Express") became the 1st Filipino-owned courier company with time sensitve cargo deliviries.

1973: Pioneered 24-hour door-to-door delivery

1985: Started serving the needs of overseas Filipinos, for their cargo requirements bound anywhere in the Philippines.

1990: LBC dominated the cargo, courier and money remittance markets and became known as the "Hari ng Padala"

July 12, 1993: LBC Express Holdings, Inc. (LBC) was incorporated as Federal Chemicals, Inc. to engage in the manufacture of various adhesives, sealants and other chemicals for hardware, construction, do-it-yourself and industrial applications.

December 21, 2001: the Company has been a publicly-listed company and was traded under the ticker symbol "FED" on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)  

September 2007: the Company changed its corporate name to Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc. (FED) as well as its primary purpose to that of a holdiing company.

April 23, 2015:  the Board of Directors of the Company approved the issuance of 59,101,000 common shares, at 1.00 per share, out of the unissued portion of the Company's authorized capital stock to LBC Development Corporation, subject to acceptable documentation being arrived at, as well as the fulfillment of such conditions agreed upon by the parties, including a mandatory tender offer, where required under relevant laws and regulations.

May 18, 2015:  the Company and LBC Development Corporation entered into a Deed of Subscription, whereby LBC Development Corporation, subject to the completion of the mandatory tender offer, subscribed to 59,101,000 common shares out of the unissed authorized capital stock of the Company or 59.10% of the authorized capital stock of the Company. The consideration for the subscribed shares was 59,101,000 or 1.00 per share.

July 2015:  LBC Development Corporation (LBCDC) completed its tender offer to FED's shareholders and became the owner of 59.1% of the Company.

September 24, 2015: the Company purchased from LBC Development Corporation a total of 1,041,180,493 shares of stock in LBC Express, Inc. for an aggregate purchase price of 1,384,670,966.

October 2015:  LBCDC acquired more shares and increased its equity interest in FED to 84.6%

October 12, 2015: SEC approved FED's application for the change in corporate name to the present one. The Company however, maintained its primary purpose of being a holding company.


<The Company's Stock Data for the past year 2017-2018>



<Stock Data of the Company for the past 10 years 2008-2018>



3. Present stock (2018/9/20)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Board of Director/s

Chairman: Miguel Angel A. Camahort

Nationality: Filipino

Age: 55

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at College of Notre Dame Of Maryland


- October 26, 2015 - Present :  Chairman of the Board, Chief Execuive Officer, and  President at LBC Express Holdings, Inc.

- President and CEO at Federal Resources Investment Group, Inc. 

- Senior Vice President of 2GO Group, Inc.

- COO of 2GO Solutions



5. News

August 16, 2018

LBC Express buys majority stake in Malaysian affiliate



LBC acquires courier unit in Malaysia



July 10, 2018

LBC Express is halfway through its P100M, 80-branch expansion in 2018



Philippine Stock Report #4: Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI)

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Today, we focus on "Waterfront Philippines, Inc."


 Waterfront Cebu City Casino Hotel Incorporated (WCCCHI)

 Waterfront Mactan Casino Hotel Incorporated

 Waterfront Promotion Ltd. (WPL)

 Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao (WIHD)

 Waterfront Entertainment Corporation (WEC)

 Waterfront Management Corporation

 Waterfront Food Concepts, Inc. (WFC)

 Club Waterfront International Limited, Inc. (CWIL)

 Waterfront Wellness Group, Inc.

 Acesite Phils, Hotel Corp, (APHC)

 40% of Mayo Bonanza, Inc. (MAYO)




1. Basic Information

Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI)

Hotel & Leisure


2. History of Company

September 23, 1994: Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment holding company for hotel, leisure, and tourism business.

March 23, 1995: WPI acquired Waterfront Promotion Ltd., (WPL) from Waterfront Amusemeny & Gaming Limited (WAGL) and became its wholly owned subsidiary.


<Here's the company's stock data for the past year 2017-2018>



<Company's stock data for the past ten years 2008-2018>



3. Present stock (2018/9/18)

For the fiscal year ended :  Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Board of Director/s

Chairman: Renato B. Magadia

Nationality: Filipino

Age: 80

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of the Philippines


  Non Executive Director at Philippine Estates Corporation

  Chairman at Lancashie Realty Holding Corporation

  1998- Present : Chairman of the Board & President at Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. 

  2004- Present: Vice Chairman at Acesite (Phils.) Hotel Corporation

  2005- Present: Chairman at Waterfront Philippines, Inc.


5. News

No current news on Waterfront Philippines Inc.

Philippine Stock Report #3: Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP)

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Today, we focus on "Melco Resorts and Entertainment"

Owner and operator of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia.

Developed City of Dreams Manila in cooperation with SM Group's Belle Corporation



1. Basic Information

Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP)

Casinos & Gaming


2. History of the Company

November 6, 1974: Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP) was initially incorporated as Interphil Laboratories, Inc. primarily to manufacture, process and package drugs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and veterinary products.

July 25, 2013: MRP received Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval to principally engage in acquiring investments and securities and was further atuhorized to provide financing to its group companies.

December 14, 2014: City of Dreams Manila has its soft opening.

February 2, 2015:  City of Dreams Manila had officially opened to the public.

May 19, 2017: SEC approved the change in corporate name of Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation (MRP) from Melco Crown (Philippines) Resorts Corporation.


<Here's the Company's stock data from last year 2017-2018>



<Stock data for the past ten years 2008-2018>



3. Present Stock (2018/9/13)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Board of Director/s

Chairman: Clarence Yuk Man Chung

Nationality:  Chinese

Age: 55


-Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong

-Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


2006 - Present:

    Chairman & President of Melco Resorts and Entertainment (Philippines) Corporation

    Executive Director of Melco International Development Limited

    Non-Executive Director of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited

    Director of Melco Resorts Finance Limited

2007 - Present:

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Entertainment Gaming Asia Inc.

Mr. Chung has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry in various capacities as a Chief Financial Officer, an investment banker and a merger and acquisition specialist. He was named one of the "Asian Gaming 50" by Inside Asian Gaming magazine for multiple years.


Total Calculated Compensation: $14,797,000




5. News

September 18, 2018 - 12:00am

Melco Resorts and Entertainment Corp. files petition for delisting



September 17, 2018

'Unpredictable' Duterte policies result in Melco Philippines' delisting




Philippine stock report #2: Leisure and Resorts World Corporation (LRWC)

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Today, we focus on "Leisure and Resorts World Corporation (LRWC)"


AB Leisure Exponent, Inc. (ABLE) is 100% subsidiary of the LRWC. ABLE is also popularly known as Bingo Bonanza Corporation and is the pioneer in professional bingo gaming in the Philippines.


AB Leisure Global, Inc. (ABLGI) operates as a subsidiary of LRWC. ABLGI was incorporated to participate in the development and operation of an integrated resort which as was granted a Provisional License to PLAI by PAGCOR to establish and operate a casino. This project is known today as the City of Dreams Manila.


LRWC also acquired Total Gamezone Xtreme, Inc. (TGXI), which is the operator and licensee of PAGCOR eGames stations (PeGS) that act as a site where one can play casino games on computer terminals.


LRWC has 69.68% interest in First Cagayan & Leisure Resort Corporation (First Cagayan), exclusive Master Licensor for Interactive Gaming  of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).


Owned 60% subsidiary of First Cagayan Converge Data Center, Inc. (FC Converge), a service & data center solutions provider exclusively catering to online gaming licensees in Asia.


Acquired 51% subsidiary of Hotel Enterprises of the Philippines Inc. (HEPI) which owns and operates the Midas Hotel and Casino.


LRWC acquired Prime Investment Korea, Inc. (PIKI) to expand and venture into junket operations. PIKI has a Junket agreement with PAGCOR to jointyly conduct junket gaming operations with PAGCOR's Casino Filipino located at Midas Hotel and Casino.



1. Basic Information

Leisure and Resorts World Corporation (LRWC)

Casinos & Gaming


2. History of Company

October 10, 1957: Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (LRWC), a listed Company at the Philippine Stock Exchange, was originally incorporated as Atlas Fertilizer and industrial chemicals production.

1996: The Company had its corporate restructuring.

1999: The Company's primary purpose was amended to engage in realty development focusing on leisure business.

October 1999: The Company acquired AB Leisure Exponent, Inc. (ABLE) as its wholly owned subsidiary. 

- LRWC also extended its business to professional bingo gaming through Bingo Bonanza Corporation.

September 20, 2005: The Company acquired First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation (FCLRC), which has an existing license agreement with the Cagayan Exonomic Zome Authority (CEZA) to develop, operate and conduct internet and gaming enterprises and facilities in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone Freeport.


<Here's the Company's Stock Data for the past year 2017-2018>



<Stock Data of the Company from 2008 - 2018>



3. Present stock (2018/9/11)

For the fiscal year ended: Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)

*Last Traded Price: 3.87

*Earnings / (Loss) Per Share (Basic): 0.24

*PER (price/earnings ratio): 3.87/0.24 = 16.13

*Book Value Per Share: 7.44

*PBR (Price-To-Book ratio): 3.87/7.44 = 0.52

*ROE (Return on equity): 0.24/7.44 = 3.23%

*Operating margin: 7.74%

*Sales development (2017/2016) = 88.02%

*(A) Total Liabilities: 7,837 MPHP

*(B) Retained Earnings/(Deficit): 4,379 MPHP

*(C) Income/(Loss) Before Tax: 742 MPHP

* (A) / (B) = 178.97%

* (A) / (C) = 1056.20%


4. Board of Directors

Chairman: Reynaldo P. Bantug 


Age: 68

Nationality: Filipino

Education: Master's Degree 1980 at California State University

Executive Profile:  

 - Head of 5 different companies

 - Chairman for Leisure & Resorts World Corp.

 - President of First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corp.

 - Director of the following companies :

      1. Hotel Enterprises of the Philippines, Inc.

      2. BAPA Realty Development Corp.

      3. BAPA Holdings & Management

      4. Bacolod Real Estate Development Corp.

      5. LR Land Developers, Inc.

      6. Green Future Innovations, Inc.

      7. AB Leisure Global, Inc.

      8. Total Gamezone Xtreme, Inc.

      9. Cyberpoint Holdings & Management Corp.

      10. Aton Land & Leisure, Inc.

      11. Sunasia Energy, Inc.

      12. LR Foundation, Inc.


5. News

May 2018



Net Income of Leisure and Resorts World Corp. (LRWC) tumbled 69.7% in the first quarter of 2018 after the Philippine-listed gambling firm pulled its investment in the City of Dreams Manila project.


March 19, 2018



LRWC has acquired a 23-hectare property in Boracay to build on the island's first integrated gaming resort in partnership with Hong Kong-listed Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd.






Philippine stock report#1: Bloomberry Resorts Corporation(BLOOM)

hi everyone

Today, we focus on " Bloomberry Resorts Corporation"
The owner of "Solaire Resort & Casino"
This company have also Jeju Sun Hotel & Casino in Jeju Island.



1. Basic information

Bloomberry Resorts Corporation(BLOOM)
Services/Casinos & Gaming


2. History of company

May 3, 1999:registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
1999-2003: a manufacturer of consumer communication and electronic equipment operating
2012: Change the prpose of company to hotel and/or gaming and entertainment business

<10 years>


<1 year>



3. Present stock(2018/9/7)

For the fiscal year ended : Dec 31, 2017
*Last Traded Price: 9.16
*Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic):0.55
*Book Value Per Share:3.13
*Operating margin:17.15%
*Sales depelopment(2017/2016)=120%

*Total Liabilities:86,432 MPHP(A)
*Retained Earnings/(Deficit):10,323 MPHP(B)
*Income/(Loss) Before Tax:6,295 MPHP(C)

4. Directors of Board

Chairman: Enrique K. Razon, Jr.
born March 3, 1960
Razon's grandfather established Manila’s main port in South Harbor.
He shares the same name with his father, Enrique Razon, who built the business through World War II.

In 2010,Razon invested an additional USD200 million in Bloomberry Investments Holdings, Inc.

Education De La Salle University

Net worth $4 billion (June 2018)



August 10, 2018 - 12:00am

Bloomberry earnings drop 20% to P1.64 billion in Q2









2015年3月 やすなかむらにテキサスホールデムポーカーってのが面白いと紹介される

2016年6月 新宿のネコカジに通い始める

2016年9月 初めての海外遠征@韓国

2017年3月 プロを目指してマニラへ移住

      →ポーカーで生存できるか@マニラ - tanakajiroの日記

2017年6月 自分のウデマエではポーカーだけでの生存はかなり厳しいことが判明

      →【結論】ポーカーで生存できるか@マニラ No.25 - tanakajiroの日記

2017年7月 ゲストハウスSit&Go開業

2017年8月 キャッシュゲームの収支がプラスに転じる

2017年11月 余語プロから強烈な一言で嘔吐下痢症になる

2017年12月 AJPC遠征@韓国

2018年1月 APT遠征@ベトナム 前滑りで心を骨折

2018年6月 マニラから退場 <=今ここ














僕は会社辞めるまでは普通ににサラリーマンしてましたし、社長秘書だったりしたので、どんな人が出世するかなんとなーく感覚をもっているつもりなのですが、プロポーカープレーヤーはサラリーマンしていても成功しただろうなって人だらけです。論理性があって、観察力があって、テーブルトークで魚に気持ち良く負けてもらう、そしてプレッシャーに強くタフな判断ができる。そんな人はサラリーマンでもさすがにうまくいきますよね笑 一方でサラリーマンのキャリアについては死ぬほど情報があるけども、ポーカープロのキャリアには情報がほとんどないのが現状です。一部のブログと木原さんの本くらいじゃないでしょうか。プロや専業、またはそれを志望する人にとって、共通したものは何か、その最小公倍数からなんとなーくポーカーキャリアというのが見えてきた気がします。キャリアというのは元々は車輪の跡を意味してたので思考プロセスとしてはそんなに大きく間違ってないと思います。

















































ちなみにマニラのポーカープレーヤーをやめるだけで、ポーカーやめるわけではありませんのでそこはご容赦ください。ポーカーは生涯やると思います^^ とりあえず6月は東京に戻って、東京の拠点を引き払って実家のある九州の方まで撤退する予定です。東京の事業も法改正で撤退を余儀なくされ、実家の方の事業もそろそろ誰かが面倒をみないといけない段階なので、本意ではないですが限界まで撤退します。そして、基盤を作った上で、2年後には何か仕掛けていきたいなと思っています。


★ゲストハウス★SIT & GO MANILAは僕自身は運営・経営から外れますが、共同ホストをしていた中川ハジメさんが継続します。場所は移動しましたがCODのすぐ近くです。