Philippine Stock Report #4: Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI)

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Today, we focus on "Waterfront Philippines, Inc."


 Waterfront Cebu City Casino Hotel Incorporated (WCCCHI)

 Waterfront Mactan Casino Hotel Incorporated

 Waterfront Promotion Ltd. (WPL)

 Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao (WIHD)

 Waterfront Entertainment Corporation (WEC)

 Waterfront Management Corporation

 Waterfront Food Concepts, Inc. (WFC)

 Club Waterfront International Limited, Inc. (CWIL)

 Waterfront Wellness Group, Inc.

 Acesite Phils, Hotel Corp, (APHC)

 40% of Mayo Bonanza, Inc. (MAYO)




1. Basic Information

Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI)

Hotel & Leisure


2. History of Company

September 23, 1994: Waterfront Philippines, Inc. (WPI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment holding company for hotel, leisure, and tourism business.

March 23, 1995: WPI acquired Waterfront Promotion Ltd., (WPL) from Waterfront Amusemeny & Gaming Limited (WAGL) and became its wholly owned subsidiary.


<Here's the company's stock data for the past year 2017-2018>



<Company's stock data for the past ten years 2008-2018>



3. Present stock (2018/9/18)

For the fiscal year ended :  Dec. 31, 2017

Currency: Philippine Pesos (PHP)



4. Board of Director/s

Chairman: Renato B. Magadia

Nationality: Filipino

Age: 80

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at University of the Philippines


  Non Executive Director at Philippine Estates Corporation

  Chairman at Lancashie Realty Holding Corporation

  1998- Present : Chairman of the Board & President at Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. 

  2004- Present: Vice Chairman at Acesite (Phils.) Hotel Corporation

  2005- Present: Chairman at Waterfront Philippines, Inc.


5. News

No current news on Waterfront Philippines Inc.